FMRL’s forensic laboratory and burn facility offer the necessary space, experienced personnel, tools, and instrumentation for laboratory examinations, bench-scale testing and safe intermediate-scale testing.  

The forensic laboratory includes: stereomicroscopy, a scanning electron microscope, and an optical metallographic microscope – all with digital imaging software programs, and a high resolution, micro-focus CT machine. The metallurgical prep lab has equipment to prepare and process multiple metallurgical mounts and a microhardness tester. The large lab is open and multi-functional with tables, tools, basic chemicals, and an 8-foot laboratory hood. Temperature, pressure, heat flux and mass loss data are readily acquired using one of two National Instruments™ Labview® system. Our FTIR has a diamond anvil cell and heated troughs for the characterization and/or study of organic substances ranging from plastics to textiles. 

Not all tests are performed or data collected in a laboratory. FMRL’s portable tools and equipment include: Nikon portable microscope; hydrogen gas detector (0-100%), 4-Channel combustible gas detector; portable hardness tester; portable 4- and 8-channel data acquisition systems; and, 4K video cameras and thermal imaging video camera.

FMRL specializes in elevated temperature exposure and fire testing. Fire-related standard test equipment include a cone calorimeter, open and closed flash point testers, a FMVSS 302 and fabric flammability cabinets. Our data logging thermesthesiometer measures and records surface temperatures. The burn lab has a cross section of burners and burn tables. 

The machine shop includes welders, a small CNC and various tools for jobs requiring custom fixturing.

Standard test methods:
  • Cone calorimetry (ASTM E1354)
  • Oxygen consumption calorimetry (ASTM E1260)
  • Flash Point Test Apparatus (ASTM D56 (closed cup) and D1310 (open cup))
  • Fabric flammability (NFPA 701, ASTM D1230, 16CFR1616, 16CFR1610)
  • Metallography (ASTM E3)
  • Microhardness (ASTM E92)
  • Readily combustible solids (UN Test N.1, NFPA 484, NFPA 652)
  • Self-heating (UN Test N.4)
  • Solid oxidizers (UN Test O.1, UN Test O.3, NFPA 400 Annex G)
  • External bon fire test
  • Vehicle interior materials (FMVSS 302)
  • Plastics flammability (UL 94)
  • Ignition of Finished Textile Floor Covering Materials (ASTM D2859)
Keyence VHX-7000
Keyence VHX-7000 with laser-based elemental analysis.

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Examples of hi-res scans produced on our Nikon  XTH 225 CT Scanner.

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